Thursday, June 23, 2016

Row by Row 2016 has begun!

This Runner was made for display by the Staff at the Stitchery

Row by Row 2016 has begun! Oh My!  It seems like I've been waiting for this a long time.  I visited my 1st Row x Row shop yesterday #1 - The Stitchery in Rome Ga.  I've been looking forward to driving up the Stitchery in Rome Ga from my daughter's home since I arrived for a visit early June.  My grand daughter Zuri accompanied me which made the visit so much fun.  Their wall displays of this years Row by Row panel was fabulous.  I liked the way they featured their panel in a wall hanging.  They also had a runner sewn for the event...Darn! no pattern was available for that.  Zuri and I got to place pins in their quilted US map, hers for Georgia and mine for Tennessee.  The staff were pleasant and made our visit enjoyable.    

Row by Row visitors map.. 

I got my free pattern and bought a RxR Kit to make that includes the 2016 license plate "HOME GROWN & SEWN". I also purchased a 2nd 2016 license plate to send to my friend Cheryl in Canada.  I picked up some fat 1/4's and triangular 3rds along with a 1/2 yard of green fabric to use in a project i'm working on.   I enjoyed looking at thier lovely fabric displays and I enjoyed the Row x Row wall hanging that featured thier 2016 Row by Row panel.   

I had just visited here in May and took home a cute panel of Sewing ladies to make a sewing machine cover with along with last years license plate "I'M 1/4 INCH CRZY" which I just love and other material, some patterns and a gift baggie of a square of fabric and candy left over from the GA shop hop that I had missed.   

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Newest Project

Hat's, Hat's and more Hats.
My newest project for this year is to make enough hats for gifts to my family... Since I have a large Family I need a large # of hats to make quick and easy before Christmas.  I have started crocheting them in a very easy pattern and since most of my family live in Minnesota they will be very welcomed.  It is nice here right now.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

KnitPickers August meeting at Perkins

Last Thursday our Knitpickers group met at Perkins in Dandridge TN. We are an eclectic group of ladies who love to share our passion for knitting, crochet, quilting, hand made jewelry and various other crafts. It was a rainy/sunny day out that day, there were 8 of us present.  Jo, Bettina, Rosa, Betty, Shiela, Pat, Beverly and myself.  I arrived early in dire need of coffee! I was also hungry and ready for breakfast.
Sally had asked me to take the notes and write the newsletter beginning this month so I also wanted to be set and ready to go.  I agreed to hoping this would help me put names to the lovely faces of my friends.  It was a fun meeting and Show and Tell was awesome, as usual.

Friday, July 31, 2015

My 2015 Summer Row By Row experience

SE MN Row x Row 
The Firefly Quilt Shop - Mankato

  This Summer I decided to take part in the Row by Row experience.  I traveled back to Wisconsin for 2 family weddings this summer.  I left East Tennessee on Saturday the 20th of June to get ahead of the summer storms coming thru Tennessee and Kentucky and be able to arrive in Wisconsin before my youngest Son, Earl's wedding at the end of the week on Friday June 26th.  I did not have time to stop at any shops that day because of the storms and Row by Row didn't start until Monday the 21st.   I had an uneventful drive and did get there by Sunday evening.  the 1st week was very busy.  The following Monday I was traveling to Southern Minnesota to see my Granddaughter and her youngest baby.

I took a couple of side trips that day and stopped at 2 quilt shops. The Firefly Quilt Shop in Mankato, I was in luck for both were participating in the Row by Row.  The above quilt at the Firefly Q S was made by each shop in the SE MN area that are participating in the Row by Row 2015.  I enjoyed the shop and did get both the Kit and the license plate for this area.  The goodies I bought at this shop, the row by row block, a license plate, a kit to make a barn pot holder, a quilt label and some steam a seam for my applique patterns.  

Southeast MN RxR Shops

My goodies from the Firefly Quilt Shop
A Barn Hot pad Kit
I loved this barn quilt but the pattern was no longer available

Zuri with Aunt Elizabeth and Baby Amelia
 I stopped at the Eagle Creek Quilt Shop in Shakopee, MN.  This has been one of my favorite stops on the Minnesota Shop Hops.  I enjoy their variety of quilting material and the wool candle mats and Needle Punch quilting patterns.  I've always admired these kits so I decided to buy the Needle Punch and some fabric.  I even got an impromptu instructions on using it.
Auntie Elizabeth reading to Baby Amelia

Zuri & Aunt Elizabeth took Amelia inside and was reading to her from a soft cover children's book.  They enjoyed looking at the variety of  fabric & patterns in the Children's corner.
I really liked this wool applique winter table runner

I want to make this wool applique table runner for the winter.  I'll have to order the kit online

My Goodies from the Eagle's Nest 

Look at all the goodies I got from the Eagle's Nest.  Eagle Creek Quilt Shop . A Row by Row pattern and license plate, a 1/2 yard of fabric with Minnesota names on it, a yard of fabric and a needle punch with a spring hoop.  I have a snowman pattern I made that I want to use with this.

I'm looking forward to working on my Row by Row Blocks

Monday, June 29, 2015

My Friday Finishes for last week

Last week I did have a few finish up's to post, only they weren't related to quilting, but no less fun.  On Friday the 26th my youngest son spoke his wedding vows to the love of his life and I had the privilege of doing minor alterations to the Brides Wedding Gown.  I also made 2 Bridal Hankies '(one for my daughter in law and one for my daughter, who is getting married on the 4th of July), and a boutonniere for my son.
My Brides to be: Rikki, my dsughter in law to be, and Nancy, my daughter, who are getting married a week apart.
Mr & Mrs Earl Swett June 26th 2015

This week I will be working on alterations for my daughter's wedding party. 

The Brides Hankie and Grooms Boutoneer Embellished with Lace from my Wedding Gown Cirrica 1961

King size Quilt is a wedding gift. Just need the binding to be applied.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Finish up Friday!

It has been a about 6 months since my last post and it has been a while since I have actually been in my studio to quilt. The winter had been a difficult one for me and the only quilting I was doing was on the Mondays I was able to make it to my BOL (Bags of Love) group.  Early June is the time for our East Tennessee Quilt Shop Hop so I did visit my local shops to pick up my free pattern. They were featuring Barns blocks, a subject I love.  I have finished 4 of my barn blocks with one left to make and I love the way they look. I am excited to finish them all, I am planning on making a wall hanging and pillow for my living room.
Crazy Quilt Barn Block from Holloway's in Cosby TN

I love the Barn History and want to find a way to Incorporate it into the quilt

This is my on point Barn Block from Sew Bee in Jonesboro -
I did have some difficulty with the pattern pieces not being the right size. I do wish this had Barn History write up.  

My Barn log cabin block 
I like the Barn History on this block too. from MidSouth Sewing

This block was challenging to figure out but I do like the way it turned out 

I haven't made this pattern yet.  I will post it when I am done.  

Friday, January 9, 2015

Look at what the Mailman brought to my door today!

Thread, thread and more thread!

About 4 months ago I was reminded that I really needed Thread, without it I would not be able to use my machine to create the fun things I love to do.  

I had just moved to my new home in East Tennessee last May 2014 and in order to reduce bulk and make my move possible I had decided to have a garage sale and sell my extra notions and threads & fabrics to help raise $ for my move.  I gave away most of my color spools of threads to my sewing/quilting buddies keeping about 3 large cotton spools for just regular quilting stuff - That was a lot too!

 I had many, many colors of both regular sewing thread and Serger thread, some obtained from a dealer when she decided to retire, but many were 8 - 10+ years old. 

 I had decided that I would buy fresh thread when I needed it. 

 Only I found I was running out of Thread, I had miscalculated how fast my thread supply would dwindle and within 2-3 months after my move I found myself perilously close to running out of a supply of good thread.  $ was still tight due to the expenses of my move and I refuse to buy 1$ thread.  I find the inexpensive threads do not work well for me on any of my machines, (of which I have a few - lol) so going down to Walgreen was not an option.  

Several weeks after my move I had decided to do an East Tennessee Shop Hop, figuring that this would be a great way to get to know were the shops in my area were and I could buy thread while I was out n' about!  So at the 1st shop I purchased a large spool of Gutermann quilting thread in my favorite cream for $26.00.  With my heart in my throat after hearing the price and knowing funds were very limited I handed over my credit card, keeping my fingers crossed that there would be a large enough balance to purchase it... there was and i did with mere pennies on my balance.  I walked out of the store with my new purchase in hand and happily went home promising myself not to get into that situation again.  Whew! disaster averted I was able to continue on with my quilting.  

Lesson Learned!

So now whenever I am around Joann's or Hobby Lobby and have a good coupon on hand I make sure I buy myself a fresh spool of thread... And over New Year's while watching HSN for their clearance deals I decided to get my Sulky Threads for my Every day sewing and my Embroidery Machine... 

Yeah! - Fresh Thread!  Life is good - and this makes me smile.  


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's New Year Eve's Day!

I awoke early today, (anything before 8am is early. lol) at 6am got up and dressed for the day.  New Years Eve Day!  What plans do I have for today.  Well a lot I guess.  1st is to do some general house keeping.  I like to go into the New Year with a tidy house if I can.  I remember my Dad telling me that on these Special days in our lives how we approach them and how we travel through our day is how it will be all the year long.  to me it means a tidy house tomorrow, means a tidy house all year long, money in the bank, means money in the bank all year long.  Friends and family, means friends and family all year long so I will go into the new year happily knowing I have family and friends to surround me, a tidy house to enjoy with my friends and enough money to help me enjoy the coming year with my plans for vacations to see family and enjoyable time with friends.  So on that note I will say:



Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014

Hi, it's been a while since my last post.

a finished quilt for Grandbaby Amelia
Wow, Hard to belive it's Oct 3rd already.  my last post was almost 4 weeks ago.  September was a busy month with meeting, quilting and doing some polymer clay things.  I continue to work on my quilting studio and just got my bookshelves in place with the help of a friend, my jewlery making/polymer clay station is operational, and I bought a small table for cutting which will become my ironing table as soon as I get a 6' table to replace it. Things are running smoothly, I have been busy quilting tops for my great grand babies and for bags of love.  Thursday I went to the French Broad Quilting Guild meeting at the Cherry Pit in Sivierville.  We got a lot done, it was a good meeting.  today it was a gloomy/slow day and I did take a nap in the afternoon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's been hectic around here these past few weeks

In August I helped out at the Jefferson City Fairgrounds and entered some of my projects and won some ribbons.  How fun, this was my 1st time entering things in a fair and a great learning experience.  I also enjoyed working with my FCE group to volunteer at the fair, we had a good participation and won $200 for our group. 

 I got a Blue Ribbon for my Mini Easter Egg quilt, my Gingham Kitchen Towel and 9 Patch Pot holder didn't get a ribbon but it looks nice in the display area.

My Thanksgiving wall hanging got 3rd Place. 

My Beaded Butterfly Pin got a Blue Ribbon too.  I'll have to take a better picture of it since it did not show up well in the case. 

 I won this great pr of Socks at Holloway's Country Store in Cosby TN a couple of weeks back by commenting on their Blog about what type of quilting Block "Knocked my Socks Off!"  - it was the pinwheel block.  a very simple and humble block but set it off with a log cabin block alternating rows - Wow! These socks were designed by Maria Holloway herself.  I had so much fun going down to pick these up.  Marie just had gotten in a new shipment of fabric so I was able to take a peek before they put it out on the shelves... "my idea of FUN!"

My winnings -Quilters Socks designed by Maria Holloway of Holloway's Country Store in Cosby TN

Friday, August 29, 2014

My quilting and sewing arts studio is taking shape.

My studio is Finally taking shape. It has been a long process but with the help of a friend the three bookcases I had purchased at a thrift shop were moved into place. I am unpacking my books and magazines to place in thier designated Homes. Quilting and sewing to go in the bookshelf by my quilting/sewing table, my other books for doll making, jewelry making, photography, polymer clay and art in the bookshelf by my designated work station for that. The shorter bookshelf will hold supplies for sewing & quilting, the closet will hold my fabric and larger items & the hall closet  is designated to scraping & card making supplies. All my boxes with supplies are in the center of the room waiting to be emptied and placed into their designated areas.  Now all I need is a table for my work/cutting station and a tray table to hold my custom made ironing board (at the moment I'm using two empty storage containers stacked together with my board plopped on top). Lol - whatever works. I'll take some photos later to show mmy progress.  Below are my begining, with my sewing machine table at the early stages.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Rock my Socks" off!

Today i went down to pick up my prize for commenting on Holloway's Country Home - Blog Holloway's Country Home Custom Handmade Quilts; "Socks" designed by Maria Holloway herself.    I choose the color green.  The question was what kind of quilting block "Rock your Socks off?" - my answer was Pinwheels.  I really did not think pinwheels did it for me until I saw a quilt hanging on the wall of a quilt shop in Elk River Minnesota that I visited with friends.  the quilt was the Perfect Palette Designed by Angie Roberts the owner of  "The Noble Quilter"The quilt pairs log cabin blocks with pinwheels units in soft cocoa browns and Teal. (the pattern is featured in the Spring/Summer 2013 Issue of Quilt Sampler)

Maria has designed a new  Applique Quilt quoted from her blog.   "Maria is always designing new quilts.  Actually her newest release can be seen on p. 55 of the September issue of American Quilter.  It's a beauty that features the AQS 30th Anniversary Dogwood Fabrics and original artwork from one of Maria's friends in the Gatlinburg Arts & Crafts Community."  I had rushed over to take a peek at the quilt and it is a beauty!