Monday, July 22, 2013

Quilting Retreat is here again!

It's time for The Ladies Night Out - Quilting Retreat again.  I can hardly wait for Wed afternoon to get her.  Boy am I excited!  I will be staying overnight from Thursday till Sunday.  I already have made a list this am of what projects I want to take with me to finish or work on so now I need to gather my materials and supplies together for the trip.  I am looking forward to the retreat and to finishing and accomplishing the goals I have set for myself and also looking forward to having fun with my friends. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another online quilting Swap - Applique Coaster :)

I've Joined another online swap at Michelle's Quilting Gallery and just downloaded the Pattern. OMG how cute - This will be an enjoyable one again.  Usually when I do a swap I make 2 of each pattern.  One for the Swap and one for me.  I love to either keep them or gift the extra one.

 Thanks Michelle.  Applique Coasters Swap

I have done 2 other Swaps with the Quilting Gallery and just loved the results.  

you can view my "Mini Quilt- Swap", Spring is for the Birds"

and my "Mug Rug Swap"    on Flickr

Monday, July 15, 2013

blocks I made for my Civil War Sampler Quilt

Lincoln's Platform Block
Last Thursday I went to my Civil War Quilt club at my LQS "Sew Little Time" Quilt Shop  and worked on my "Civil War Sampler" pattern, choosing & cutting fabric for 3 blocks.  My Underground Railroad piece which is made up of 4 blocks of 4 squares set on point, my Lincoln Platform block and a log cabin variation block.  Friday and Saturday-Sunday I worked on my blocks and even started on a 3rd block - It felt good to work in my studio on my quilt.  Getting back in the swing of things is very relaxing for me.  Today I went to my Crafting group at The Community Center and worked on the applique block "Seven Sisters" while I enjoyed the company of my friends.  we had coffee and muffins with cheese and crackers.  Conversation was interesting, ranging from concern over a community member and our experiences of going to a bar with friends and realizing you were the only female there.  I will post more pictures after I take them.  Lately I can't seem to get very clear pictures with my new camera.  I wanted to retake pictures of all my completed blocks so far and post them on Flicker for all to see.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Off to my Civil War Quilt Club mtg

July's CWQC meeting is today.  I am so ready to get back into the swing of things today.  will update everyone on the progress of my Civil War Sampler Quilt.   I am off to the races. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wow! Where did June & July go?

I can't believe it is already the 1st week of July.  It has been since June 14th since my last blog note.  I have been on vacation since June 24th and the week before was spent getting ready for my trip.  My youngest daughter Beth and Grandaughter Zuri & I took a road trip back to NY State to see my brothers an visit with family.  While there we all  met our goals.  My granddaughter went to visit with her Aunts and Cousins and my daughter wanted to see NY City and did take the train down twice spending the day with her cousins.  I enjoyed visiting with my brothers and their families.  Beth and I were Able to attend my Niece's Wedding and she got to visit all her cousins.  I also got to have a short Visit with my Granddaughter Jess and her family on our way home.  the drive to and from went well.  We missed a storm in Chicago going and took the wrong road into Chicago on our way home... we did stop over to sleep in Toledo Ohio on the way there and in Clinton Pa & Rockford Ill on the way back.

 I did finish one little project before I left but did not have time to post it.  I made a pinwheel mini Quilt using scraps from my Civil War Quilt "Flying Geese" Blocks.   When making my flying geese I used the left over triangles cut from the flying geese and made them into HST then sewed them together in pairs to make pinwheels.  After I finished the quilt I appliqued a woolen flower and leaves on it.  I also applied a small sleeve on the back using the binding material.