Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Etsy Shop

My Large Fabric Basket - 6" square x 5" tall 

Today I uploaded a new item in my Etsy Shop.  My Cute Fabric Basket  the large one with the Lamb, pig and cow print.  Just adorable and just in time for Easter.  so do check out  My Etsy Shop.  It was fun to do the listing.  I'll be putting up more items up soon.

holds a generous amount of treasures in the 5" deep basket

Here it is under my needle

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Signs of Spring - "Springing Up!" This Morning I woke to a lovely Springish day.  With a warm and wet spring rain outside..... A promise to be a good day today! I  looked around to see spring showing up in a lot of places.... when I went to my mailbox this afternoon the daffodils and violets were Peaking Thru.  The Pear Tree in my front yard had flower blossoms blooming this morning from the bottom.... Yesterday the buds were still closed.

Yesterday I went to my Womens Bible Study and a few of the Cherry Trees were in full bloom.  I just had to take a picture... as I was driving toward my home my neighbor Pat's Garden was abloom with Daffodils and this morning her Magnolia tree was starting to blossom too.
Daffodils and Violets under my mailbox
A Cherry Tree in full bloom at church on Tuesday Morning.
Signs of spring are beginning to show up everywhere.  

My neighbor Pat's garden abloom with daffodils
This Morning the pear tree is starting to bloom. from the bottom up. Just yesterday the buds were not even open.  
My neighbor Pat's Magnolia tree is starting to bloom today  I tried to upload a close up to show the Magnolia blossoms but I was not able to.  

Monday, February 20, 2017

Under my Needle - Currents projects I am working on.

Today I am enjoying the warmth of the sunshine while I am writing on my blog... I haven't been here in a while and it is nice to be back.... I am making fabric baskets to help with organizing my Quilt & Sewing Studio.... also I want to make some baskets for my Grands and Greats (over 22 of them young enough) for Easter.... I stopped over at my LQS "Mom & Meg's" in Dandridge last week and picked up so cute fabrics to use for this project...  Check out these finds.  Below under my needle yesterday was the large sheep basket.  I finished it up this morning and decided to put ties on the side.  I just need to finish it up by tacking down the flaps, choosing a cute decorative button and deciding if I want to make a handle for this one. The pattern is a simple one I got from Pinterest.  You can check it out my Fabric Baskets Board here.  Here is the Fabric Baskets Tutorial I liked to use. It just takes 2 pieces of fabric & batting of the same measurment.  I used a 16" square for the Xtr large basket as shown below.  14" made the Large Basket, 12" make the medium and a 10" square made the small basket.  

here is my Xtra Large Basket.  I had fun quilting this one.   below are my other baskets waiting to be finished.  

This is my smallest basket using a 10" square of fabric
3 sizes small (Floral), Medium (Lavender) & Large (big Floral)