Friday, January 9, 2015

Look at what the Mailman brought to my door today!

Thread, thread and more thread!

About 4 months ago I was reminded that I really needed Thread, without it I would not be able to use my machine to create the fun things I love to do.  

I had just moved to my new home in East Tennessee last May 2014 and in order to reduce bulk and make my move possible I had decided to have a garage sale and sell my extra notions and threads & fabrics to help raise $ for my move.  I gave away most of my color spools of threads to my sewing/quilting buddies keeping about 3 large cotton spools for just regular quilting stuff - That was a lot too!

 I had many, many colors of both regular sewing thread and Serger thread, some obtained from a dealer when she decided to retire, but many were 8 - 10+ years old. 

 I had decided that I would buy fresh thread when I needed it. 

 Only I found I was running out of Thread, I had miscalculated how fast my thread supply would dwindle and within 2-3 months after my move I found myself perilously close to running out of a supply of good thread.  $ was still tight due to the expenses of my move and I refuse to buy 1$ thread.  I find the inexpensive threads do not work well for me on any of my machines, (of which I have a few - lol) so going down to Walgreen was not an option.  

Several weeks after my move I had decided to do an East Tennessee Shop Hop, figuring that this would be a great way to get to know were the shops in my area were and I could buy thread while I was out n' about!  So at the 1st shop I purchased a large spool of Gutermann quilting thread in my favorite cream for $26.00.  With my heart in my throat after hearing the price and knowing funds were very limited I handed over my credit card, keeping my fingers crossed that there would be a large enough balance to purchase it... there was and i did with mere pennies on my balance.  I walked out of the store with my new purchase in hand and happily went home promising myself not to get into that situation again.  Whew! disaster averted I was able to continue on with my quilting.  

Lesson Learned!

So now whenever I am around Joann's or Hobby Lobby and have a good coupon on hand I make sure I buy myself a fresh spool of thread... And over New Year's while watching HSN for their clearance deals I decided to get my Sulky Threads for my Every day sewing and my Embroidery Machine... 

Yeah! - Fresh Thread!  Life is good - and this makes me smile.