Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014!

A cold February Day 2013
Remembering the cold weather that lasted thru May of 2013 Brrrrrrrr!
Today is New Year's Eve Day.  The end of 2013 Tomorrow is the Beginning of 2014 - A fresh start and a time for renewal for many.  I sit here at my keyboard looking out my window, it is - 8 degrees outside here in Hudson Wisconsin. the Sky is light with some sunshine showing thru& the trees look grey covered with a light coating of snow.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!  My home feels cold and my back is bent over making it difficult to walk around this morning.  Right away I turn up the heat and head for the microwave to warm up a hot cup of Cocoa and make a warm bowl of oatmeal so I can take my morning meds.  I am seriously thinking I need to move to a warmer climate.  These old bones of mine can't take this chill.... I am cold and feel miserable this am, wanting to get into my sewing room to organize it for the new year of fun projects but not feeling warm enough to be able to sit and bend freely.  Yes a warm climate would be nice this time of year!  I sit here reflecting on my need for warmth knowing I need to move to the kitchen for breakfast so I can enjoy my day, take my meds and continue to reflect on this day..  Today I plan to look at those accomplishments, and happy times of 2013 and look forward to a great New Year.  Welcome 2014!!!!  I hope the chill does not last as long this winter as it did last winter.