Saturday, October 27, 2012

Welcome to my Studio

Welcome to my creative cocoon, my place to go to in the middle of the night, my place of peace and relaxation. My Quilting and Sewing Arts Studio.  Here on my blog I want to share my enjoyment of the Sewing and Quilting arts with you and hope to get your feedback too.  I have been an avid sewer since I learned to sew in Home Economis Class in high school back in the late 50's,  That tells you how old I am' Oh well,  I retired about 2 1/2 years ago from my nursing career and decided I would like to learn how to quilt.  You see quilting for me was something I thought I didn't have time for since I a large family and work, home and husband to care for as a wife and mother.  Most of my time spent at my sewing machine in those earlier years was to make clothing and gifts for the kids, decorate my home and give me a little peace...since I had 8 children...sewing was the only activity I could escape too and still be a productive part of the household...but secretly I enjoyed my sewing so it was time I truly treasured where my mind and heart could refresh itself and be still... 

Here I plan to post my works in progress, my finished projects and my thoughts... My most recent projecs have been using up some of my bits and pieces, leftover scraps of fabrics from my projects both big and small.

This is a project I started 3 weeks ago using my leftover squares, stips and bits from different projects.  It was a way for me to sew and not have to think about pattern but just letting the creative flow take over.  I just had a shoulder replacement done 8 1/2 weeks ago so this was really a great way to get back in to the swing of it. I took a small block surrounded it by small squares and then took my strips to surround that.  Now what would it become?  Mmm it was a good size for a table runner, or a start of a purse or ?  After I had trimmed and squared this piece I let it sit for a few days and simmer in my mind just what I wanted it to become....

I had just finished this small purse pattern that I had started just before my surgery - It was a the right size.  Maybe.
But Then Again It was the right size for a Table Runner and if I put a green binding on it it would look great, and it did match some hot pads I had made at a earlier time.  A great gift idea.  Mmmm. - I really did like the idea of a purse and the fabric was just the right size.  So This is what my pieced fabric turned out to be.

I formed it into a purse base using the pattern I had from the scrappy purse I had completed. It was just the right size. Then I created the top of the purse using more of my leftover squares and strips, added longer handles instead of a tab. It became "Dianna's Purse"

This What My Fabric Became  Dianna's Purse
This is the beginning of the Purse.