Saturday, March 2, 2013

March's Lovely Finish choice

Thanks To:
Melissa of Sew BitterSweet Designs and Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts for hosting this Year of Lovely Finishes.


A Lovely Year of Finishes I was unable to finish my Meadowlark Row Quilt top in Feb so I will have it as my March Finish. But Thankfully I was able to do a lot at the "Ladies Night Out" Retreat I attended Early February.  I feel I did do a lot in those few days and I loved getting to know everyone. 
I really like this pattern it has challenged my quilting muscles.

Center Panel Row 3 - I will do some Trapunto on this piece.

Block #1 Row 2

Block # 3 Row 2

Row # 2 completed

Block #4 Row 2 completed with the Snail in the Center

These are my finished rows up on the Design Wall that need to be squared

On the center panel I was able to do some Trapunto.  As seen here on the Bird and below on the Butterfly

I really enjoyed doing some surface Trapunto and free motion quilting on the center panel.
 I have been out of commission for the past 2 weeks.  (It feels like 2 months).  I started out with a head cold the Sunday after retreat, OK, nothing much then on the 21st my eardrum burst and I was now fighting a raging ear and sinus infection with it's pain and dizziness.  I think the dizziness really got the better of me.  I was using my 4 prong cane inside my home and had to have my daughter drive me to see the Dr.  I am very independent and it is difficult for me to ask for assist.  Thankfully my daughter understands this and offers help freely when she sees I need it.  I am truly Blessed.  Today after a week of Zithro and ear drops I am feeling better.  much less dizziness and I am feeling more like myself.  Yesterday the Dr.  said that I still had fluid behind the eardrum (no more drainage) and that it should completely drain in a week or 2.  Whew! 
I have been able to do a small amount of sewing during this time but mostly been in bed or watching TV.  You could call me the preverbal "DIZZY DAME" lol! 

I almost feel that I can get something accomplished in my Sewing Studio today, Maybe.  I am taking it a day at a time.... I do need to finish my mug rug for send out on Monday.... So I am hopeful.  :)