Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What lovley day today!

I am sitting here at the computer just checking out all the lovley responses to my giveaway!  wow almost 100 with so many great tips for new quilters.  I plan to compile your tips on a tip page - to come soon. yesterday I was quilting and working on my civil war quilt.  made some small items - I will share pictures of what I did yesterday..can't now it would spoil the surprize I have for my giveaway winner.  I enjoy reading the comments so much - you also had great tips for chasing away the winter blues.  I haven't been doing a lot of quilting this past week tho because I have been excittedly looking at old photos of my mothers family....Wow brings back pleasant memories.

last thursday I was talking with my brother Eddie in NY and he told me he had met a cousin by chance.  He was in a car dealership the week before and overheard one of the salesman spelling his last name to the person on the phone.  C-U-CC-I-A!  My mom's madien name.  He went over after the salesman got off the phone.  " Hey cousin I belive we are related"  he said, turns out he was our 2nd cousin after all.  He gave my brother his father's phone # and addrress.  Well Eddie did call him up and they spoke for some time.  My cousin Frank My mom's Nephew!  OMG how exciting.  Eddie gave me the phone # and I called - My cousin called back and we spoke for over an hour.  He emailed me some pictures of mom with her family - all my aunts and uncles, and my grandma and grandpa.  put a big smile on my face that day.  I knew mom was doing the bunny hop in heaven knowing that I was talking to someone from here side of the family.  You can guess what I was up to for the past week.  Updating my family tree! Yeah!  My mom died in 1964 so my memory of her family is very sketchy.  we did loose contatct with them after that. 

That's what I've been up to - how about You?

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