Saturday, August 24, 2013

I've returned from my Tennesee "working" Road Trip

Paducah Water Tower

My Visit to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky

I enjoyed my Road Trip and even got to go to the quilt museum in Paducah KY.  I took some pictures here but was unable to take any inside the museum itself only in the Lobby.  I did get some great pictures of the Yo -Yo display there to share with you and other items.  The Quilts on Display were just Gorgeous!  The quilting and piecework was excellent and the display of quilts was fabulous.  Lol - can you tell I enjoyed them.  They also had an exhibit of Civil War Quilts and I fell in love with a simple log cabin variable that had so many pieces of different fabrics in each block and had a piano key border that continued with all different fabrics.  I would have loved to take a picture of that one.  I also saw quilt made of just simple blocks that repeated.  Nothing very fancy for most of them but just very refreshing to look at.  There were also a lot of applique quilts in this display.     

My Mother would have loved to see this pillow.  she loved making yo - yo's .   


I Enjoyed seeing all these little projects completed with the Yo-Yo's.