Monday, June 29, 2015

My Friday Finishes for last week

Last week I did have a few finish up's to post, only they weren't related to quilting, but no less fun.  On Friday the 26th my youngest son spoke his wedding vows to the love of his life and I had the privilege of doing minor alterations to the Brides Wedding Gown.  I also made 2 Bridal Hankies '(one for my daughter in law and one for my daughter, who is getting married on the 4th of July), and a boutonniere for my son.
My Brides to be: Rikki, my dsughter in law to be, and Nancy, my daughter, who are getting married a week apart.
Mr & Mrs Earl Swett June 26th 2015

This week I will be working on alterations for my daughter's wedding party. 

The Brides Hankie and Grooms Boutoneer Embellished with Lace from my Wedding Gown Cirrica 1961

King size Quilt is a wedding gift. Just need the binding to be applied.