Monday, February 20, 2017

Under my Needle - Currents projects I am working on.

Today I am enjoying the warmth of the sunshine while I am writing on my blog... I haven't been here in a while and it is nice to be back.... I am making fabric baskets to help with organizing my Quilt & Sewing Studio.... also I want to make some baskets for my Grands and Greats (over 22 of them young enough) for Easter.... I stopped over at my LQS "Mom & Meg's" in Dandridge last week and picked up so cute fabrics to use for this project...  Check out these finds.  Below under my needle yesterday was the large sheep basket.  I finished it up this morning and decided to put ties on the side.  I just need to finish it up by tacking down the flaps, choosing a cute decorative button and deciding if I want to make a handle for this one. The pattern is a simple one I got from Pinterest.  You can check it out my Fabric Baskets Board here.  Here is the Fabric Baskets Tutorial I liked to use. It just takes 2 pieces of fabric & batting of the same measurment.  I used a 16" square for the Xtr large basket as shown below.  14" made the Large Basket, 12" make the medium and a 10" square made the small basket.  

here is my Xtra Large Basket.  I had fun quilting this one.   below are my other baskets waiting to be finished.  

This is my smallest basket using a 10" square of fabric
3 sizes small (Floral), Medium (Lavender) & Large (big Floral)