Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Signs of Spring - "Springing Up!" This Morning I woke to a lovely Springish day.  With a warm and wet spring rain outside..... A promise to be a good day today! I  looked around to see spring showing up in a lot of places.... when I went to my mailbox this afternoon the daffodils and violets were Peaking Thru.  The Pear Tree in my front yard had flower blossoms blooming this morning from the bottom.... Yesterday the buds were still closed.

Yesterday I went to my Womens Bible Study and a few of the Cherry Trees were in full bloom.  I just had to take a picture... as I was driving toward my home my neighbor Pat's Garden was abloom with Daffodils and this morning her Magnolia tree was starting to blossom too.
Daffodils and Violets under my mailbox
A Cherry Tree in full bloom at church on Tuesday Morning.
Signs of spring are beginning to show up everywhere.  

My neighbor Pat's garden abloom with daffodils
This Morning the pear tree is starting to bloom. from the bottom up. Just yesterday the buds were not even open.  
My neighbor Pat's Magnolia tree is starting to bloom today  I tried to upload a close up to show the Magnolia blossoms but I was not able to.