Monday, November 11, 2013

On our Speakers at the Patchwork Harvest Quilt Show XI

"Saturday's Speaker was Debbie Bowles of  Maple Island Quilts.  I did not catch her 1st in the morning but I was told it was standing room only but I did see her trunk show at her 2pm presentation On Curves and It was very enjoyable.   She showed how she cut the Curves for her quilts by varying the width and length of her fabrics and layering dark and lights. She was a very informative  Speaker. 

Yesterday at the Patchwork Harvest XI Quilt Show I met our speaker Lori Allison.  Wow did she have a great trunk show of quilts to show us.  You can catch and interview with her here with  "the trip around the world block " That she had in her Trunk show.  She loves Kaffee Fassett Fabrics and you can view some of her other quilts she designed using them by clicking here.  I was very inspired by her way of doing easy strip piecing and cutting techniques to achieve these spectacular quilts.  I enjoyed her quilt "the Candy Queen" and the Feathering on her pattern "Feather my Vest".