Sunday, February 2, 2014

My February Finish will be!!!!!

I have chosen the "Choo Choo Dinoz" baby quilt as my February
Finish this year.  It is mostly pieced and ready for the borders, then needs to sandwiched, quilted and binding applied.  Today I am 6 days post-op from my recent back Surgery that was done on Jan 27th.  I had wanted to finish it before the 25th for my little great grandson Emmett but because of my talents were needed to do some tailoring for the Mother of the Bride and myself I wasn't able to finish it.  I did bring it with me to show Mommy, (the Brides Sister), how far I had gotten with it.  but with the prep for the wedding and surgery has put me behind schedule by 2 - 3 weeks.  that's OK life does get in the way sometimes when we least expect it... The pattern for this baby quilt is a little more difficult than I had imagined but I did enjoy working with the fabrics.             My Button