Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Challenge of the Month!

Yes Notions, Yeah My Quintet Sewing Machine, Great my Brother 

I've arrived safley from Hudson Wisconsin to my new home here in Newport Tennessee.  Now my Challenge this month is to find my "stuff" in the numerous boxes that are packed and stacked in each room and determine were they will go.  I finally have my quintet sewing machine unwrapped from the safety of its shrink wrap and bubble wrap and set up and plugged in on my sewing table... now to find my other stuff. At least I have my 1st box of notions, My Singer Quintet Plugged in and my Brother Sewing Machine handy when I go to classes.  Now for all the other stuff in the other side of the room... at least some of the boxes are marked and I can find the baby quilt tops I'm working on.  well it will feel like Christmas unwrapping all the unmarked boxes to discover it's treasures...  Whew! I tired already and all I did was look... LOL

My Sewing Table for now!

my boxes - some I was able to write contents on and some ????  

Oh no! I found more boxes in the living room that belong here!