Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Bags of Love Group

 Yesterday I went to my 1st "Bags of Love" Group with Valoriea.  What a lovely group of lady's who get together to make quilts with love, for children who are in need. These quilts are given to children who are taken from the homes raided by the police because their parents have been making drugs.  These children are taken away with nothing because all the belongings are contaminated.  Each child receives a large Drawstring bag with an outer pocket.  The bags include a quilt that is age appropriate, a pillow and a soft toy along with a bag of necessities, (placed in the outer pocket).  How precious to know that these are lovingly made.  The Group coordinates these needed bags with several surrounding counties Social Services Dept's and has been ongoing for quite a few years.   I feel blessed to be welcomed into their group.

Yesterday I was hand tieing this beautifully Hand Embroidered quilt.  Each block has a puppy playing in a field of flowers.  How sweet.  Each lady works on a different aspect of the quilt - Valoriea was doing piecework on her quilt, the others were stuffing pillows and sewing labels on the finished quilts and others were cutting kits to be made into finished quilts using a log cabin pattern.  Around noon everyone stopped to have a potluck lunch.  They meet every Monday.

This group reminds me of the fleece quilts we cut and tie for the Koran's every other Tuesday at 1st Baptist 3rd and Vine and the labor of love that goes into them.  I will miss my Tuesday quilting group with Gwen, Frank & Katherine and will think of them with love as I attend this new Monday group.  I encourage our other Quilter's to take time and join them, I found it it to be such a special time of fellowship for me.