Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Technique: Using the digital camera when laying out your quilt design.

using a digital camera to help with placement of blocks and color values

Technique: using a digital camera to aid in layout arrangement and color value of your quilt top

Today at my quilting club at The Point on 3rd & Vine my friend Gwen was laying out her squares for the "Rag Quilt" she was making.  She had laid out her layered flannel 6" squares in a pleasing pattern and asked for me to check it out.  her layout looked good but I had my digital camera with me and remembered a tip a friend had given me about color values & layout arrangement using the camera to help me see it better.  So I did take a picture and showed it to Gwen.  we both noticed that the 2 squares in horizontal row 4 & 5 (third  vertical row from the right) seemed to be almost the same color value and give the top a white patch in that area.  So we switched the block placement and as you can see in the bottom photo was a more pleasing arrangement.  The camera on your cell phone would work just as well.

Have you tried this technique yourself?  Share your thoughts about it.

switching the blocks gives the layout a more pleasing arrangement.