Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2016 Row by Row Experience - my 2nd shop.

Yesterday I visited - Mom & Megg Quilt Shop in Dandridge TN.  my 1st "Row by Row 2016" quilt shop here in Tennessee. I't been oppressively hot & humid these past 2 weeks so yesterday I finally broke loose from the comfort of my air conditioned home to venture out.  I had breakfast at Perkins with my Dandridge knitPickers group and afterwards I decided to stop at the new quilt shop in town, "Mom & Megg" to see their block for the 2016 Row by Row.

2016 Row x Row pattern 
My Goodies
I love their pattern "Home in Dandridge TN", how cute, they even have the teabag  tag with their name on it. I chatted for quite a while with Glenda I purchased the kit along with some other goodies.  I enjoyed chatting and looking around the shop. 

 They had a nice display of 30's fabrics and feed sack reproductions plus a book of applique blocks depicting children of the area dressed using feedsack material.  Check them out on FaceBook