Monday, October 28, 2019

Phase I of my move to Nellysford Virginia is done

wow I can’t believe that PHASE I of my move is done. The truck my brother rented on Oct 18 is finally filled. “After 3days of repacking the truck.”  And we set off for Nellysford Virginia late in the afternoon. We spent an overnight in the Red Roof Inn in Marion Virginia  after having stopped at M/ D’s for supper. The night air was a bit crisp and we were tired. I was able to get a great rate for the night using my rewards & AARP cards. The room was comfortable and clean and my pets were allowed there free. We arrived in Nellysford the next day at 1pm and the movers were there at 1:30pm. 3hrs later the truck was unloaded and the house was full of my “stuff”.  We returned the truck Friday morning.  Whew! I’m so glad phase one is complete.  Now for the unpacking. Phase two starts when I drive back to Newport TN Early Nov.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

I can’t believe it’s been over five and a half years since I moved to Tennesee!

the view from my driveway of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Five and a half years have gone by so quickly. I am packing my Tennesee mountain home here in East Tennessee and moving forward to a new home in the Blue ridge mountains of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  I’ll have a larger studio and am looking forward to quilting and crafting in it.

Nellysford, VA

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Farmer's Wife Sew Along Update Blocks 1-4

As I continue to work on my Farmer's wife 1930's Quilt Samplers I am feeling a bit challenged by Block # 4.  it is a relatively easy block to do, but when i try to work on it in the middle of the night I find I tire easily and things get very turned around.  Who hasn't done that!  I should know by now that I shouldn't work when tired.  I got great use of my favorite tool on this one. "Miss Seam Ripper" LoL.  Her she is done up in my Barnyard print all quilted.  Part of my projects for the year of #quiltasyougo or #QAYG and #FFP or #foundationpaperpiecing.  I bought Sax Plain White Newsprint Newspaper Pack. (8 1/2 x 11), for my printer and I do like the way it prints out although I have to make sure to separate the sheets after taking the from the pack because of static electricity, (they stick together in the printer if I don't do this.) I use a small stitch on my sewing machine to make it easier to take off after sewing.

 Block # 3 was easier to piece together because I wasn't tired when I worked on her.  I enjoy reading the letters the Farm Women write relating their experiences with each block. These were letters published in a column "Letters from our Farm Women" in the "Farmers Wife from 1930 -1939. I am in awe of the research that went into the book. Thanks to author .Laurie Aaron Hird.  This was also a #QAYG #FPP block

 Below are completed blocks 1 - 3. I did block # 1 twice, one is in the barnyard print that I want to make into a wall hanging.
Happy Quilting Y'all! - Diane Swett 

Friday, January 19, 2018

The Farmers Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt.

The Farmers Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt.  by Laurie Aaron Hird

 Each January I try to pick some projects to work on thru the coming year.  I have decided to do the Farmers Wife 2018 Sew-Along from Gnome Angel.   I had purchased the book in July 2016 but had not used it.  I thought this would be a great time way to use my stash and the book.  Check out the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt Facebook Group.


Block #1 Addie - I made 2 of these blocks my 1st one is a regularly pieced block of brown, green, pink and a cute fussy cut sheep in the middle.  I love it.  The 2nd Addie Block is a foundation Paper Pieced Block - I do enjoy quilting these blocks. There are several ways to do these blocks. Regular Piecing, Foundation Paper piecing that is covered in the book. Another method is using rulers developed by Quilter Marti Michell. these rulers allow the user to make blocks in several different sizes. Marti's blog follows along with the Farmers Wife Blocks 1-99.  Marti has done a lot of research on the blocks and has found Addies block in The Brackman book 1973 by Barbra Brackman - the block was 1st published in 1885 and could be over 100 years old.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

I enjoyed making this Minnesota Hotdish Quilt.

Quilting & Sewing related topics and notions

  July 4, 2012 · 
Today I am working in my studio on a blue and white quilt. My weekly quilting group is working on a pattern called "Minnesota Hotdish" by Atkinson Designs. Each of us has chosen a different pattern rendition and colorway, it should be fun to see our finished quilts.

January 2018

I enjoyed making this Minnesota Hotdish Quilt. I wanted it to be a Wedding Gift to my youngest Son Earl Swett and his Bride to be Rikki Swett. From deciding the pattern and colors to the buying of the fabrics at various local quilt shops in and around the Hudson WI, St Paul and Minneapolis MN LQS and stopping at a Quilt shop in De Moine Iowa after picking up my son Raymond Swett after his foot surgery to Quilting with my friends at 3rd & Vine 1st Baptist church in Hudson Wisconsin (Bob & Gwen Richardson, Frank Johnson & Elaine Fredrikson) Elaine, our Pastor's Wife, and a friend became my Quilting Teacher and Mentor (I had joined this little group in Jan 2010 when I decided to learn how to Quilt), beginning my journey and addiction in Quilting. To learning how to use "Bert & Ernie" at Jean Potter's Shop "Top Stitchery" a Long Arm Quilter Machine Shop in Roberts Wisconsin after having Shoulder Replacement Surgery in August 2012 where I had planned to quilt it. (that was before I decided to move to a warmer climate after having back surgery Jan 2014 Moving to Newport Tennesee In May 2014 I had Diane Manning, a friend from my French Broad Quilters Guild Quilt the finished top in her little shop in the back of her home in Dandridge TN. I hand stitched the Binding on while visiting my children in Minnesota in 2016 and presented the completed quilt to my son and His wife just after their 1st Wedding Anniversary. Reminiscing brings back Memories of Special Friends and Moments


Friday, May 5, 2017


Our guild met this past Thursday to have a sew day to make weighted blankets for Autistic Children.  We had our meeting first and our Show & Tell.  Wow - A beautiful Carpenters Star Quilt, a Quilted Project bag and a Variation of a Log Cabin Quilt were presented in our show and tell.  We discussed our "Red, White & Blue" Challange Quilt to make for the 2018 Quilt Show and we chose a Pattern - Those who choose to take part of the Challange Quilt will be making Star Blocks in Red, White & Blue" to be made into a beautiful quilt our guild will enter in the quilt show 2018  We also discussed our Road Trip in June to the East Tennesse Quilt Shop Hop. We met at "Mom & Meg's" Quilt Shop in Dandridge TN, Thanks Glenda for making the sewing room available to us. 

Our service project this year was to make several Weighted Blankets for Autistic Children.  Some of us Ladies brought our sewing machines and others helped mark and put the beads in the blanket channels.  Sewing was a 2 person Job to Thanks to all those who stood and held the blankets while they were sewn.  We were able to finish about 5 - 6 blankets to be made available to those in the community who could use them.

Marge's Project Bag.  
A beautiful Log Cabin Varieable Quilt 
A Wedding Ring Quilt

 Here are some pictures from the last months meeting of Show N Tell - I thought you would enjoy seeing

A Baby Quilt
A Log Cabin

A Wall Hanging 

A Quilt Bag

A Table Runner

Appliqued Quilt

A butterfly Log Cabin Quilt

Thursday, April 6, 2017

SPRING! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Spring in Newport Tennessee April 2017! I took a series of three of these photos trying to capture the buds just opening up on my neighbor's Tree.  I got the Barn in the pasture next door in this photo. 
This is what Spring looked like a week ago.  Today it's a rainy cold day! it's in the 40's out there, Chilly and windy with a wind chill in the high 30's   Brrrrrrrrrrrr  Oh well - It's said April Showers bring May Flowers - Really? Cant wait till the weekend when the temps are back in the 70's. 
I'm listening to the news about the storm that Blew thru last night. Straight line winds did a lot of damage in Knoxville, blowing off roofs and downing trees but not tornados noted Thankfully!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Etsy Shop

My Large Fabric Basket - 6" square x 5" tall 

Today I uploaded a new item in my Etsy Shop.  My Cute Fabric Basket  the large one with the Lamb, pig and cow print.  Just adorable and just in time for Easter.  so do check out  My Etsy Shop.  It was fun to do the listing.  I'll be putting up more items up soon.

holds a generous amount of treasures in the 5" deep basket

Here it is under my needle

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Signs of Spring - "Springing Up!" This Morning I woke to a lovely Springish day.  With a warm and wet spring rain outside..... A promise to be a good day today! I  looked around to see spring showing up in a lot of places.... when I went to my mailbox this afternoon the daffodils and violets were Peaking Thru.  The Pear Tree in my front yard had flower blossoms blooming this morning from the bottom.... Yesterday the buds were still closed.

Yesterday I went to my Womens Bible Study and a few of the Cherry Trees were in full bloom.  I just had to take a picture... as I was driving toward my home my neighbor Pat's Garden was abloom with Daffodils and this morning her Magnolia tree was starting to blossom too.
Daffodils and Violets under my mailbox
A Cherry Tree in full bloom at church on Tuesday Morning.
Signs of spring are beginning to show up everywhere.  

My neighbor Pat's garden abloom with daffodils
This Morning the pear tree is starting to bloom. from the bottom up. Just yesterday the buds were not even open.  
My neighbor Pat's Magnolia tree is starting to bloom today  I tried to upload a close up to show the Magnolia blossoms but I was not able to.  

Monday, February 20, 2017

Under my Needle - Currents projects I am working on.

Today I am enjoying the warmth of the sunshine while I am writing on my blog... I haven't been here in a while and it is nice to be back.... I am making fabric baskets to help with organizing my Quilt & Sewing Studio.... also I want to make some baskets for my Grands and Greats (over 22 of them young enough) for Easter.... I stopped over at my LQS "Mom & Meg's" in Dandridge last week and picked up so cute fabrics to use for this project...  Check out these finds.  Below under my needle yesterday was the large sheep basket.  I finished it up this morning and decided to put ties on the side.  I just need to finish it up by tacking down the flaps, choosing a cute decorative button and deciding if I want to make a handle for this one. The pattern is a simple one I got from Pinterest.  You can check it out my Fabric Baskets Board here.  Here is the Fabric Baskets Tutorial I liked to use. It just takes 2 pieces of fabric & batting of the same measurment.  I used a 16" square for the Xtr large basket as shown below.  14" made the Large Basket, 12" make the medium and a 10" square made the small basket.  

here is my Xtra Large Basket.  I had fun quilting this one.   below are my other baskets waiting to be finished.  

This is my smallest basket using a 10" square of fabric
3 sizes small (Floral), Medium (Lavender) & Large (big Floral) 

Friday, October 7, 2016

A Summer full of Friends, Family, Fun times and great Memories.....

A Summer full of Friends, Family, Fun times and great Memories.....

Wow! I have had a full summer.  2016 has been the year for family fun times... In May I went down to Georgia for 2 weeks to visit with my Daughters Nancy and Beth.  Beth had a week off and flew down to GA to check out the Pharmacy Schools in the area. I enjoyed visiting with Nan, Thomas & Zuri. Elizabeth and Zuri drove into Atlanta for a day of fun in the museums while Nan and I relaxed at home.  I was glad I was able to drive down to Nan's for Elizabeth's visit.  On the drive down I was able to stop by local Quilt Shop "The Stitchery" in Rome Ga. Below is some of the Goodies I picked up there. 

I spent the month of June visiting with Nan, Thomas & Zuri and was there for both my Son Earl's visit for a week in Early June and my Son Paul's visit at the end of the month.  I was able to spend some quality time with my granddaughter Zuri.  She and I went to the Quilt Museum there in Carrolton to see their exhibits and She and I drove to Rome GA so I could participate in the Row by Row 2016 experience. 

My Row by Row Goodies I picked up in late June
At "The Stitchery" In Rome GA
I had brought my sewing machine down with me and I was able to stitch up the RxR block while I was visiting and also worked on some other projects while I was there. I am almost done with this Block, Just have to layer and quilt it.  I plan on making it into a wall hanging.
Row X Row Block from "The Stitchery" in Rome GA 2016