Monday, May 6, 2013

Back from my Bus Trip to Nancy's Notions Sewing Weekend in Beaver Dam WI

Wow I had a great trip, met some very nice ladies from my ST Paul/Minneapolis ASG Guild.  I roomed with 3 of the nicest ladies.  Olga, Joyce & Edith  The trip started out a little treacherous.  We were in the Middle of a May Snow Storm.  Imagine that! On the morning we were to leave for Beaver Dam I woke@ 5:30am to 7+ inches of white wet heavy snow covering my driveway.  I knew that the fellow that does our plowing would not be here before I needed to leave at 7:15am.  I packed the car and opened my garage door and backed out with as much force as I could plowing out the snow with my car.  and made my way up the slight hill to the city street which wasn't even plowed yet; slipping & slidding all the way.  Once I got to the highway the drive was much better.  I was 20 min. late but the bus came 45min later.  So I guess I was really early.  :}.  I was so thankful that I was not driving all the way to Beaver Dam.  Above is a picture of how the trees along 94 looked as we drove thru Wisconsin towards our destination. The poor trees were so stressed with the heavy snow that they bent to the ground, some breaking with all the weight.   The Snow cleared after the Dells and the skies were gray and rainy.  I could see that the grass was starting to turn green and as we got closer to Beaver Dam I even saw some spring Tulips.  Spring was definitely here in this part of the country although it was very rainy and cool while we were there.  The Sun finally came out on Saturday, of course it was the day we left to return home. 
We arrived at Nancy's Notions Ware house about 2:30pm that afternoon. It was raining but we didn't care, we all were so excited to be here.  Once inside we got to roam around the store & warehouse.  I even met Nancy Zieman herself and had my picture taken with her.  I had watched her on Public TV for 35+ years.  I was so excited and she was very sweet.  I learned much of my sewing techniques from watching here and reading her books over the years.  My youngest daughter said "OMG how strange to see you standing next to her."  (She had grown up watching Sewing with Nancy along with me,)  Yes you do hear some Awe in that statement don't you.  It is so interesting to hear her viewpoint.  I know I've sewn for all my kids over the years and wondered how they felt about it. 

ASG Minneapolis/St Paul Ladies on the Bus Trip to Nancy's Notions in Beaver Dam WI May 2013
Above is the group of us & our bus driver, of course, taken on Saturday May 4th when it was sunny out.   I loved looking around the store and ware house.   one wall in the hallway between the retail store and the ware house was covered with a bulletin board telling the story of  Nancy's Notion's. 

I do apologize for the fuzziness of the last one but did not want to leave it out.

She also had Quilts along the walls.  They all were beautiful.  Here are just a few of them.  
I loved the color and symmetry of this small quilt & the beadwork was exquisite

I could see my Grandparents in this Quilt.

The Handwork and Beading was just beautiful.