Monday, March 3, 2014

"You Have My Heart"

A Mug Rug for my granddaughter's Birthday

Lately I have been doing a lot of  paper piecing and working on a series of Paper Pieced Hearts. The free Pattern is from Nancy Zieman's Blog and is so cute.  I have made several and plan to use them as gifts.  I call this project "You Have My Heart" and have already done several.and my 1st one has been already sent to my granddaughter Echo as a mug rug for her hot cocoa. I included a bow and a little doll with it.... too cute and I hope she enjoys it.  I had fun with the quilting on the 2 mug rugs I show below.  check out the closeup.  I was having so much fun with quilting the heart that before I knew it I had been sitting at my sewing machine almost an hour.  Since I am now 5 weeks post back surgery I find my endurance is returning and I am loving it.

I enjoyed the quilting I did with this heart

  I enjoyed piecing this heart mug rug but am not happy with my color choices.  Now to do sew more.  after I print out more sheets.