Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tutorials for making 8 flying geese at a time.

Making 8 Flying Geese at a time.  I want to try making these.  This morning before I got out of bed I was checking my e-mail and favorite blogs and I came across this blog: Sew'n Wild Oaks Quilting Blog and checked out Lynn's virtual classroom.  She has a tutorial on making 8 wild geese units at a time.  It looked easy so I do want to try this.  She uses them as a border in making a Christmas Pillow that I also would love to try.  Only I want to make the center block sold and do some applique on it.  It would look great as a mini quilt also.  So check out her blog for some great Ideas and tutorials.  I am going to try this today. 
From Quilting Ideas Magazines
I also came across a picture on flickr of a basket of  paper pieced mini log cabin blocks posted by mission homestead. I just started making a few following a pattern I found in one of my older magazines, (You know the ones I love to look thru while laying in bed before falling asleep.)   Quilting Ideas - Log Cabin Pins by Designer Pam Ehrhardt of Lasting Piece.  Now for me to make a basket full of these little Log Cabin Blocks would look awesome sitting next to my sewing machine all ready to make up into wonderful things.  Join me in my Studio as I show the steps I took making this project.

Pins I have made using Pam's Pattern.