Friday, December 28, 2012

My Blog Hop Winnings Arrived

A Stocking for my Tree & Beads for Beading

5 fat quarters of fabric to add to my Stash


A woolen needle holder

I just retrieved my mail this morning and in it was a box containing my blog hop winnings from Dolores Quilts. Wow so cool. It is rare that I win anything and this was so fun. I opened the box as soon as I got home and poured over it's contents. I love the beige fabrics and the green fabric is so colorful. I loved Santa and the Stocking was fun. The beads and sequins were great. I loved the... needle holder too and the book mark is great. They already found new places to be. The Beads and sequins went in my jewelry making box, the Santa and Stocking are now hung on my tree as my New Ornaments for this year. The bookmark was placed in a book by my bed, (replacing the piece of Paper I was using as a bookmark. The Fabrics were washed, ironed and placed in my Quilting Stash for future use. the needle holder now resides with my applique notions. and the floss is with my embroidery drawer ready to use on my next project. Thank You ever-so-much Dolores. As I use my little gifts I will think of your Blog "Dolores Quilts". I do hope you have a Blessed New Year and visit my blogs often too - My Quilting and Sewing Arts Studio and In my Studio.  I also love to blog about my creative thoughts at Creative Lady's Enthusiastic Thoughts