Saturday, September 21, 2013

Today has been an awesome Saturday for me.

This Morning I awoke early, dressed and gathered up my 5 finished baby quilt tops that I was able to finish at the July Quilting Retreat.  I wanted to participate in show and tell at my monthly meeting of the Hudson Heritage Quilters.  So off I went to the meeting, boy was it full - we talked about the upcoming Quilt Raffle at the Patchwork Harvest XI Quilt Show coming in Nov on the 9th and 10th.  The proceeds from the sale of the raffle tickets will  benefit the local food shelves.  The Show and Tell was great.  I think one of the ladies even had made a Quilt from Sedona.  I believe it to be the same one that I am collecting fabric for.  Wow, I do want to talk to her about her quilt.  It was beautiful. after show and tell we had a presentation by Quilt Designer Marilyn Foreman of Quilt Moments .  she has a very interesting take on kaleidoscope quilts that seems easier to do and many varied patterns.  she even has patterns that use the Twister templates.  I like her patterns and felt a little bummed out that I did not have my checkbook with me this am, but I did take her catalog home with me so I can order some of the patterns,  I thing I will look in my LAS's to see if they carry her patterns.  It was a good meeting and gave me many food for thought today.  Check out her link here.  This evening I plan on catching up on my emails and looking at the proofing from Pile O' Fabric's blog that needs to be done.    I am looking forward to finishing up the Baby Quilts and continue with my other WIP's. 
Yesterday I picked up my mail from the post office and boy do I have a stack to go thru, (after all it's been accumulating about two weeks now.)  I got a package from my friend and Applique Coaster Swap partner Linda and I just had to open it 1st.  What a lovely set of applique coasters she did for me, such pretty colors.... It made my day.  Aren't' they pretty.  I do hope she liked the ones I made for her.