Monday, September 30, 2013

today promises to be a beautiful sunny autumn day - a great day for Sewing and Painting.

this morning I awoke to beautiful sunshine - it is supposed to get up into the 80's later but right now it is cool and sunny out.  I have been making coasters for our Church Holiday sale and want to have at least 10 pairs of them made for the sale.  4 pairs done - 6 to go. I plan on pairing each set with a mug and will call them Coaster Buddies or Mug Buddies.  I also am planning to make some more of my crazy quilted pot holders.  They ones I made last year sold well.  I want to bring some samples to the our ABW meeting next Sunday afternoon. 

Today I will take advantage of the nice weather and take my easel and watercolors and do some painting outside on  my back patio.  I need to complete some pictures for my daughters book.  I'll take some pictures later to post here.