Friday, September 13, 2013

Ask me why I slept at Hotel 6 Tuesday night.

So you ask why I slept at hotel 6 Tuesday night.  One answer - Heat- excessive heat.  Yesterday Valoriea and I went to the Knoxville Fair with her friends from her FCE, (Family & Community Education) group.  We had a great day. attended a dresses from 1800's given by one of the ladies of the regional group.  She had been sewing them for fun for a long time to wear and had a collection of them...  We also went to the seniors tent where they had a show regarding Mayberry - it was fun and tickled the funny bone.  there also was a Crafts and Art building that had a display of quilts along with crafts makers from soap, to sweater kittens to quilters sewing different projects. A lady was tatting a doily and others were presenting their crafts.  there were a lot of ribbons in this building from 1st prize and others.  The weather was very hot in the 90's so we kept going back into the air conditioned building and caught Chef Walter's presentation of Cooking for the Food City Kitchen.  A local food market chain down here.  His pumpkin peanut butter squares were to -die - for yummy. you can go to the Local 8 web site, click on food city kitchen and sign up for emails from Chef Walter.  When we returned to Valoriea's home she opened her door and boy was it HOT inside.  Here AC decided to quit working - the outside temp was 90+ and the house temp was 88 - inching up to 89.  We tried to open all the windows but there was no breeze out.  The temps were not going down outside anytime soon and we decided that we would take the landlords offer of a hotel room that eve.  The repair man would come in the am.  so that's what we did we escaped to an air-conditioned hotel for the night.