Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A lovley Year of Finishes.

New Year’s Day has come and gone, 2013 has begun and I do hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve.  I was blessed to go to The Phipps’s (Center for the Arts) in Hudson New Year's eve with some friends, dinner afterwards and great conversation.  Got home before 11pm, watched the ball drop in Times Square. and after getting all warmed up, (I felt so cold from being out last night), I went to bed before midnight.  Put on my CPAP and slept till 7 am…. Yeah!  I am finally being able to sleep through the night with that crazy mask on.  :)   
Today I plan to get into my sewing/craft room and catalog all the wip's that need to be finished.  I also plan to finish along with Bittersweet Designs to finish up these projects in this new year.