Monday, January 14, 2013

My Paper Pieced Pineapple Block

My Finished Paper Pieced Pineapple Block with border added
Today I would love to share with you how I choose to make my pineapple block for my Piano runner.  When planning my piano runner I 1st chose the log cabin block for my main blocks - a no brainer.  I love the versatility of that block and the colors I chose were very muted but I felt I needed a POP of color.  I  pondered over which type of block to use to accomplish this and the Pineapple block came to mind.  I had made one about a year ago when my quilting group was learning about the different blocks. I couldn't find my notes and was not sure how to make one - so I googled "how to make a pineapple block" and looked at all the options.  Wow a lot of choices and many tutorials.  Here is how I did mine.

 The pattern I liked was by Kathleen Brown After finding a 6" block design that I liked I printed it out several times.  I choose my colors from my fat quarters and cut 1" strips from my light and dark fabric.  Then I measured the middle section and cut out my center to match (always adding 1/4" seam allowance all around.  I used my glue stick to adhere it to the unprinted side face up.  Placed my #2 fabric face down the ctr fabric and pinned it, flipped it over and sewed on the line.  I used a short stitch ( that makes it esier to take off the paper when finished.  I repeated for the other three positions then I flipped it to the fabric side and I finger pressed open # 1 fabric using a cool tool from Clover.

I measured each succeeding line, adding 1/2"  for seam allowance (1/4"each side), cutting 4 of each length for the following row.  Before pinning them down I trimed off excess fabric

the pattern from Kathleen Brown